How to wipe data on a laptop

Data wipe for laptop: When erasing, Windows does not actually delete the data but hides it so that that space can be overwritten. That means that anyone using tools like Recuva can recover photos and other documents. The most efficient and easiest solution to erase an entire hard drive safely is to pass a data eliminator. The one I recommend is DBAN, a program that is started from the CD and that is responsible for doing total cleaning on a PC. Download DBAN and burn it to a blank CD or DVD: DBAN is distributed in an ISO file, which is an exact copy of a disk. You must burn it to a CD or DVD. Windows 7/8 allows you to burn ISO files without the need for additional programs: right click and choose the engraving option.

Tips when buying a second hand laptop: Buying a laptop can be a headache for more than one, especially if you want a second-hand computer.

  1. Exterior wear:

It is what is most appreciated at a glance. The corners of the computer are the first thing that erodes or scratches as the swing of the laptop from one place to another gives rise to it.

  1. Computer features:

With the purchase of a second-hand laptop, you can find that the seller does not know all its features. We encourage you to look on the Internet or in a store for the same computer model

3.Status of the screen:

Before buying a laptop, you should pay attention to what the screen looks like once it is turned on. Look for dead pixels or thin pink lines that give an uncomfortable mist.

Laptop recycling:

  • You can reuse your obsolete laptop screen to have an extra screen for your CPU, which is useful for those who need to work on two screens.
  • you can donate the reconditioned equipment for you or a programmer, who will install the light system known as "Linux", in order to give new life to the device.