Steps to Data Wipe Your Android Mobile Phone

If you want to offer your used laptop for sale then you need to get rid of the data that you have saved on your phone. For a proper asset redeployment this is a must. There are a lot of ways that facilitate data wipe for mobile phone. Here we will focus on the steps to data wipe your android mobile phone. These are as follows:

Application of data wipe on your android hand set

If your device runs on 5.0 Lollipop or the later version then it might come with the Android device protection or say the factory reset protection active. This is one feature that makes the phone unusable if you hand it over to a new owner only if you reset it. This is so because new users in no case can activate it without entering the Google account and password that was previously used. You simply need to deactivate FRP if you want to sell it off or hand it over to someone else.

Steps you need to follow to securely wipe data from your android

There are a few steps that you need to follow so as to securely data wipe your android device. Firstly you need to turn off any screen locks and go straight to the settings where you need to tap on security or Lock Screen Security followed by Screen Lock and here change the type to None. Next you need to remove your Google account from the device. For this, again you need to go to settings and tap on Users and Accounts and click on your account and then simply remove. Now simply wipe the device with help of a factory reset. This clears data at the application level, though you can restore things like SMS and chat messages using standard data recovery tools. Initially you may go in for encrypting your device via the Settings menu. This you can do without requiring any specific tools but you need a little patience.

All in all, these are steps to data wipe your android mobile phone which are quite easy to follow and will help you sell off your used phone for a good amount.