Steps to Data Wipe Your Mobile Phone

Be it used phone or used computers for sale, data wipe is a must. Who wants to buy second hand computer or a second hand phone always checks the same. This makes it need of an hour. Here are the steps to secure data wipe your iOS mobile phone. These are as follows:

Application of data wipe

Apple devices that are in favor of supporting the iOS 5 or later already have hardware encryption when you set a passcode. While performing the data wipe using the method given below, encryption key will also be overwritten, which will make it really very hard for you to recover the data that you have once wiped. So, you need to be very careful.

Steps you need to follow to securely wipe data from your iOS

There are a few steps that you need to follow so as to securely data wipe your iOS device. Before you begin the reset process you need to be very sure to unpair the devices say the Apple Watch. Next you need to turn off Find My iPhone. If you have iOS 10.2 or earlier, then you need to visiting the iCloud in the setting and clicking on Find My iPhone. Here you need to enter your Apple ID password if the prompt asks you to. For iOS 10.3 or later ones you need to go to Settings and then Your name followed by iCloud and Find My iPhone. Now you need to turn off and sign out of all the other services that includes iMessage and the App Store. Now tap you apple id in iTunes & App Store and finally Sign Out. For iOS 10.3 it is a bit easier process. For iOS 7 devices tap Delete Account. Now begin the wipe process, go to simply resetting and erasing all Content and Settings, then confirm the selection.

All in all, these are steps to data wipe your iOS mobile phone which are quite easy to do and will help you get rid of your used phone for a handsome amount.