Steps to Data Wipe Your Windows Device

Data wipe for laptops and mobile phones is must today I you want to hand it over to others for use. Even if you buy second hand laptop or mobile phone you must see for this. These have also played a vital role in computer recycling and efficient use of used phones. Here are the steps to data wipe your windows device.

Steps to data wipe your Windows Phone

Windows Phone has the encryption facilities only for the business customers. This makes performing a factory reset the easiest way to wipe a Windows Phone 7, 8 or 8.1, or Windows 10 Mobile device. Next you can load dummy data to overwrite the traces of the original one.

Follow these steps

After visiting the Settings and then About you need to tap on Reset Your Phone. After this you need to confirm the action and next you need to wait for the phone to wipe. Now you need to connect the phone to a PC and then open My Computer. To connect via Mac, you require to download the Windows Phone app. Find the phone, that highlights as a removable device. Next you have to open it. Now you need to load the dummy data onto the phone. This you can do by dragging and dropping from another folder. You ought to try filling the phone with as much dummy data as possible. Next you can reset the phone again with the help of the same method. Now you can repeat the dummy data load a little more times to make sure that all your original data is overwritten. Now it's time to perform a final reset.

Final steps

Now you need to log in to your Microsoft account at microsoft and then locate the phone that you just wiped. Simply remove it from the account that you have. After this ask revoke access to the phone from services and to remove the devices from your Google account, go to google myaccount >> Sign-in & security >> Device activity & notifications. Now you can see for the model that you have wiped.

All in all, these are the steps to data wipe your windows device.