Know the tips to format and take care of your electronic devices

Wipe Android Phone: If you plan to start using a different phone, before formatting the phone the first thing you should do is making sure that your contacts, your photos and your data in the applications have a backup somewhere.

For a user who leaves Google's backup of their data (that is, the vast majority of Android users), the easiest way to check if there is a backup of the device in the cloud is to enter the Settings application, navigate to the " Backup and reset " section and check that the " Backup " option is activated. In addition, it is advisable to also activate the option of "Automatic restoration".

Computer recycling: Recycling the computer is the process of saving the usable parts of personal computers. It is important that old computers are not thrown away, as they have hazardous substances such as lead, which is environmentally hazardous.

CPU and computer monitors have a lot of recoverable and reusable parts such as glass, silica, and mercury, and plastic, aluminum, copper, gold, silver and lead. In addition to extracting usable parts, here are some additional tips to help with equipment recycling.

All personal computers and peripherals must be donated to schools, charities, churches and organizations that accept donations. Even peripherals such as keyboards, web cameras and scanners can be donated so many groups will be ready to accept these peripherals to replace their broken drives.

Hard drive destruction: We already know that deleting data from a hard disk using the tools present on the computer or special programs is not 100% effective since there are experts in recovering all types of files.

A powerful magnet also fails to do the job effectively, although it does improve the chances of causing serious damage especially in those discs that use ordinary people.

The only 100% effective way to destroy a hard drive is to smash the plates where the information is recorded. Take out the disc, remove it to expose it, crush it with the car, then give it with a hammer and put the leftover bits into a powerful blender and then separate the remains and throw them in separate places.

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